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Transferring Mura comments to Disqus

I had hard time to adding captcha to my mura blog, actually I do not want to make much changes due to lack of time so I just keep comment box open to all without any captcha but required approval before publish thinking only good people live on earth :). And from next day my mail box flood with comment required for approval. Ofcourse none them was genuine comments so I was clearing comments instead of doing some productive work. To avoid this headache thought to move comment on Disqus so there will less spamming issue. There is great plugin made by Steve for inserting Disqus comments and really easy to install as well. So my blog now has disqus comment box but I really do not want loose my old genuine comments entered by readers.

Disqus support comment importing from various blog and forum but not for mura so I need with custom WXR import method which required to generate WXR file, more about importing you can find here.

I write coldfusion code to generate WXR file from your existing mura comment which you need to upload it on Disqus import section.

Hope this help