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Schedule Task runs twice

Today I find my schedule task files run twice. Actually I have schedule some task to get nightly emails but today I started receive emails twice, at first glance I am surpriced and thought how it can be happen.

Now let me tell you what exactly happen...

Yesterday we have upgraded coldfusion version from 8 to 9. I have kept CF8 installed on server as I want to copy administrator settingĀ  (schedule task, mail settings, datasource etc.) from CF8 to CF9. Once CF9 is installed it ask to import setting from older version and I do so but here I got error statting that this feature is not avaialble in standard version. This was work in my development computer as it has developer edition (BEAWARE that setting import will only work Enterprice and development edition only) and I dont know is there a way to import setting for standard edition. I have manually done all setting (including schedule task) on server. Now here is root of problem, I have two version of coldfusion is installed CF8 and CF9. I had setup schedule task for CF8 and later I have copied to CF9 so I have two copies of schedule task.

Server has two coldfusion services running on server for each version so both of them running their own schedule task copy and that is why all schedule running twice (actually two seperate copies running).As I dont not need CF8 service anymore so just disable it and it started working normally.