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Railo at first glance: Installing in windows with IIS 7

After working with ColdFusion since last four years, todays I just thought to play with Railo. Railo started on 2002 and release on late 2005 ( and I get time today in 2010 to look into this :)) Railo open source and completely free open source CFML engine. 

Installing Railo on window:

  1. Download setup executable from
  2. Keep installation to c:/railo to keep it simple and avoid administrator rights alerts in Vista and Window 7.
  3. Once installation is  finish try out http://localhost:8600 which open administrator page and ask to set your administrator password.  
Yuhu... it's work fine .... I really enjoyed so far...
Next Mission: Configuring with IIS 7. As I am using Window 7 with IIS 7 which let you create multiple sites so I thought let's configure with it just like ColdFusion 8/9. Even I think it will be damn easy like usually do with ColdFusion, but here I just get lost. I have tried to Googling lot on this but still I didn't find any perfect solution which make it work.

I am still hunting for this and keep posting