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Python Web Framework Comparison

Week ago I have published post for ColdFusin, Java and Python comparison as commercial aspect. I have completed comparison week ago but it didn't get time to blog. As a part of comparison I was also doing comparison of web framework available for Python. Don't consider this post as reference rather this is what I thought about web framework at first glance since I totally new to Python language. I open to discussion anything you thought is wrong or misleading.[googlead][/googlead]

Here is list of web framework available for Python (source WikiPedia), after spending couple of hours on Google decided to go with Django, web2py and Zope since I found these three are more advanced active frameworks.

Web framework Rating (source Infoworld)


Initially impress with web2py before I compare community activities and job trends between frameworks but later I found Django is most popular among all. Below is comparison between Django, web2py and Zope and after reading this hopefully you will agree with me too.

As I have done in my previous post I have compared job trends on and community activities on stackoverflow. [googlead][/googlead]

Job Trends.

web2py django zope jobtrends

Absolute Comparison

web2py django zope jobtrends

Relative Job Comparison


It look like Django get very good hike since Jan 07 to Jan 11, percentage ration is too high and Zope and web2py not in comparison at all. After this it’s time to compare with Python to see in which direction Python demand going. 


python web2py django zope jobtrends

Absolute job comparison with Python

python web2py django zope jobtrends

Relative comparison with Python


From first comparison charts indicates that Python job trends increase but second chart clear that is due to Django. What it does mean? Python become popular due to Django framework? (You decide it and put comment below)

After job trends on that it’s time to compare community activities for all three frameworks. I have use Stackoverflow API to collect number questions asked per year and again Django is leading here. I agree that comparing with one community site to make decision is not at all good idea but at least it will give hint.



Stackoverflow comparison python


After all these comparison I am defiantly sure that Django is good framework to start with. I decided create test project in web2py and Django both and interestingly I found web2py is really easy to install, work and deploy compare to Django (This is my thought, don’t consider as guide). As this is just frameworks, core language is Python so nothing harm to adopt two web frameworks.

Hope you enjoyed article and YES don’t forget to comment on this, I really appreciate it.