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Listing scheduled task.

I love cfschedule tag to create/update/delete schedule and use one file to create all schedules. This is really help whenever you switch server and require to transfer all schedule task from one hosting server to another one. As we all know Standard coldfusion server doesn't allow export facility and I am using around 25 schedule task to perform different scehdule operation. Whenever I need to add schedule file I add cfschedule tag in my cfm page and run it on server and it works great for me. But once programmer added tag and run file on server but it doesn't create schedule task and he is in under impression that task is created. I am not sure why it is not created and even doesn't display any error in this case but this push my mind to think on this single file shcule creation file.

I decided to list all schedule tasks once file run so team-mate can review it but later I realize that there is no list action available in CFSCHEDULE tag.. Darn!!!!. After little bit google I find out way to listing all schedule tasks.

Above code return array of all tasks with relevant property.

Schedule Task