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Giving good quality for Agile software development with small team


I need your opinion on this topic. Currently I am researching onhow to work with Agile software and small team and still need to provide goodquality. I am just trying to know how different companies work in thissituation and what kind of methodology they use though deliver good quality. Iknow there are lots of book on Software Engineering and mention different modelbut we always do not follow model and everyone has their own model based ontheir team capabilities and company strategy.

To make easier to comment on this post let's start withconsidering small project with team of two-three and deadline of 15 days withassumption that 15 days is really tight timeline to finish project. I want togo through analysis, design, coding and testing/qc but may not want to increaseteam more than 3 people. Specially want to more concentrate on QC.

You can use your scenario to comment on this post. 

I appreciate all kind of comment or review on this and pleaseshare it