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ColdFusion, Java and Python Comparison.

My employer is looking to start up development in new field/new language after successful 10 years in ColdFusion. As a technical manager I am assigned to research on market trends and availability of resources and of course community. Since last more than 10 years company providing ColdFusion based solution and really happy with ease of development, also there are lots of activities in ColdFusion since last 3 to 4 years after it is acquire by Adobe. 

When decide to start new department, after good amount of conversion we have decided to either go with JAVA or Python. Well, you may think why not consider .NET, PHP or Ruby on Rail... I really hate .NET and PHP, can not say why but just not like it although I have work with .Net around 3 years. Just coupon week ago I have posted blog "Python or Java?" to get review from my friends and readers and most of them guide me to go with Java. There is reason to guide me towards Java because I am coming from ColdFusion background which built on Java. I have decided to do research for both language and comparison with ColdFusion to make decision which should be our next development language to rock.

Basically I have decided to do research based on Job trends and community activity. I have take state from two sites (for job trends) and for community support.



Absolute Comparison

coldfusion java python job trends comparision

Graph clearly indicates that job trends increase in Python and Java while in ColdFusion is almost steady since long time. ColdFusion has around 0.1% of total jobs, python around 0.7% while Java programmer jobs around 3.5% out of total jobs. Obviously Java is very well known and widely used in many enterprise application but really get surprise when I have tried to get relative job comparison between Java, ColdFusion and Python.

Relative Comparison

coldfusion java python jobs relative comparision

Since last seven years Python trends increase by more than 600% while Java growth around 50%. This really make me surprising what make python to make in demand. I am researching on that but defiantly love get response for you guys.

After that make comparsion of question asked and answered in StackOverFlow to know community activity on individual language and here are stats.

Again Java is ahead in number of tags and total number of questions asked and ColdFusion is nowhere in comparison (still I am doing good with ColdFusion since last 10 years)

Python java coldfusion stackoverflow stat

I have tried to gather number questions asked for each language per year and below is stats. What should be conclusion from this?


  • People ask more questions in Java because it is harder to learn compare to Python and ColdFusion? (may be my question is funny)
  • Good community supports in Java compare to Python and ColdFusion?
I think I should not include ColdFusion in comparison with Java/Python since we all know ColdFusion has smaller community.



So Finally, What do you say Python or Java?

All kind of response appreciated.