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Coldfusion function to avoid sql injection

Hi All,

SQL Injection attach is biggest problem for web developer. I will always suggest to user in condition which give better performance and top of that it will stop sql injection. While buiding sql query runtime it is not really possible to use tag in such case we require to escape special sql characters.

Single quotes ( ' ) is most dangerous character from where sql Injection normally start and solution is really simple, just replace single quotes with two times single quotes ( '' ) and you are preety safe. I used to create one function (let's say sqlSafe) in Application.cfc file or any class file which is extended to Application.cfc so it is easily accessible to everywhere.

        var sqlList = "',%";
        var replacementList = "'',\%";
        return trim(replaceList( strVal , sqlList , replacementList ));


We just need to call this function before attaching any user input string in sql query. I really appreciate any suggestion which make this function much stronger.