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ColdFire not working with Firefox 5.

In IT industry update come with nice stuff but latest Firefox 5.0 update make my life painful. In early morning I got Firefox update to version 5.0 and as we generally do I update it to Firefox 5.0 and started working on my task list. Here real pain started, no not because of Firefox 5.0 but it's coldfire. My coldfire not working in firefox 5.0, I am really addicted with ColdFire and using it for performance review, debugging and query optimization. As little flooded I tried to work without coldfire to achive timeline but after two days I can't stop myself. I look on and found issue was already reaised by  Rob and author has answered he will not able to work on this upto next week. 

I just tried below step and what ... it work fine for me.

1. Download coldfire project and unzip it.
2. Find coldfire.xpi and extract it using 7zip.
3. Open install.rdf file and replace maxVersion tag with <em:maxVersion>5.*</em:maxVersion>.
4. replace em:version with <em:version></em:version>.
5. Zip again and later change extension to 'xpi'.
6. Remove exiting firebug and coldfire from firefox extension.
7. Download Firebug 1.7.3 (Not 1.8.* beta).
8. Drag and drop new .xpi file to firefox. Once installed restart it.

We can use as patch until next release by author.


Hope this help.