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Character printing problem with window 7.

I have recently installed window 7 and everything was going perfect but suddenly found problem with @ sign. Whenever I tried to print @ sign it was printing double quotes (") instead, same issue with other characters as well. Backslash (\), number sing (#) was also replace with other characters. 

Just doing research on this and found it is because of regional language setting. Default language set with English (United Kingdom). I don't know this is common for UK people but this issue occurs to me first time and I thought it's keyboard issue at first instance but later same issue I found in my friends computer. This can be resolved by changing language to English (United state) from English (United Kingdom).

Follow below steps to change language settings. 

  1.  Press window key and search "Region" and click on "Region and Language" option.Regional Setting
  2. In popup window select English (United States) from dropdown.
  3. Goto "Keyboards and Language" tab. Click on "Change Keyboards" select default input language to English (United States).
  4. And Finally Change system Local to "United States" ( It may ask to restart your computer).
And it's done..