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CF Builder Error: "Unhandled event loop execution" when trying install new software

Got new project and started working this, going through documentation provided by client and where he mention code repository will be Git. Well, we use SVN for code version but never used Git, I do have idea about GIT and account in Github site but never get chance to look into it. As ususal to start with GIT first of all I look for eclipse plugin for this and found one at Thoguht to give try and click menu "Help >> Install New Software..." and get alert need to start builder with administrator. I guess this is because CFBuilder installed on program files folder which usually require administrative access to add/remove files in it. So restarted cfbuilder with administrative access and again click on same menu but this time nothing happen, tried twice, thrice but nothing happen.

Later try to open view "Error Log" where I found it showing error "Unhandled event loop execution", google for this but seems I am only who has such issue. There were many other errors as well and those all related to projects from remote server. In morning I lost network connection and due to this all my open remotly located project automatically closed because cfbuilder wasn't able to find location (I was using mapped drive). I tried to remove project from workspace but it seems still no success but when I import all those project back and "Install New Software..." link start working and there is no "Unhandled event loop execution" error in log.

Not sure which step actually get me rid of this error but I guess reimporting remote project do that.


Hope this help.