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Showing record information in CFGRID footer in ColdFusion 9


I was working on migration from ColdFusion 8 to ColdFusion 9 for one my client. As I have raised in my other post that Coldfusion 9 is using Ext 3.0 which required some javascript changes if you have used ExtJs function to extend your functionality. 

I need to show record information (ex. Showing 1 to 10 out of 15) in CFGRID footer but as usual I require to make changes as per ExtJs version 3.0.


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Bind ExtJs header element with CFGRID result.

Before a month I have posted about "Add header in cfgrid in coldfusion 9" where you can add ExtJs component in header to filter CFGRID data. One of my blog read "David" raise that how to bind ExtJs component with CFGRID to filter result.
Here I will try to explain how to bind header element with CFGRID, assuming that you have already read my previous post regarding this topic.
This is little bit tricky to bind with CFC call. We need to create seperate javascript function which will return value selected from extJS element.

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ColdFusion wrapper for jQuery autocomplete.

For one of my project I required autocomplete box. I know coldfusion has its own autocomplete but has lots of limitation. I wanted autocomplete to work like select box of html, display lable of product in list but in backend it will return ID for that product and as usual I just stop at jQuery-ui Autocomplete (I just love jquery) which allow good customization.
This coldfusion wrapper allow you to use jqury autocomplete with coldfusion query variables or loading data remotely.


<cf_autocompletetextFieldName="productName" textFieldValue="" textFieldBind="PRODUCTNAME"idFieldName="productId" idFieldBind = "PRODUCTID"datasource="/cfc/products.cfc?method=getActiveProduct&returnFormat=JSON"fieldList="PRODUCTID,PRODUCTNAME,PRICE"queryParam="product" displayTemplate="<div><img src=""/images/{PRODUCTID}.gif"">{PRODUCTNAME}&nbsp;: {PRICE}" minlength=2 />

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ShareOnWeb plugin 2.1 release

Since couple of week I have notice retweet and facebook like button is getting more popular, in many blog I have seen it and really impressed. This make really easy to share on post on facebook and tweeter and I thought to implement it for my blog. I just modify on shareonweb plugin and release as version 2.1.

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