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Amazon S3 PDF download link doesn't work in Chrome and Internet Explorer (IE)

In one of our project we are using Amazon S3 to store files which later use to download from web application. We have most of the files are in secure list and only accessible through web application. It was working fine for firefox but on chrome and Internet Explorer (specially PDF file) doesn't download or open in PDF Viewer plugin instead shows about:blank page client do not have any idea what going on. For tempory solution client able to download by right click on link and selecting save link to... option but this is not everybody going to do. 

Tags: ColdFusion, AWS
Adding validation dropdown in spreadsheet in ColdFusion

CFSpreadsheet is I think most usefull tag/function while working with enterprise project. CFSpreadsheet and related functions provide mostly all kind of basic functionality require to export data into spreadsheet. Recently one my project I had little bit advance requirement when need to add data validation and restrict user to choose value from dropdown. I think most of us are familiar with cfspreadsheet built on very popular Apache POI project and coldfusion on JAVA. So basically I am going to write some java code in ColdFusion :).

Tags: ColdFusion, ColdFusion 9
Review for Book : NumPy 1.5 Beginner’s Guide By Ivan Idris

Title: NumPy 1.5
Subtitle: Beginner’s Guide
Author: Ivan Idris
ISBN: 978-1-84951-530-6
Date of publication: November 2011
Number of pages: 215
Publish By : Publishing Ltd. Livery Place 35 Livery Street Birmingham B3 2PB, UK.

Tags: Python, NumPy
Submit form to CFWINDOW

This may be wrost title. Basically I need to submit form and submit page should render in cfwindow object, another issue was there are some javascript code/function on my submit page as well which should be render to. 

Normally CFWINDOW will execute script of rendering page and you many not able to call function defined in rendering page. Below code how you can submit form to CFWINDOW with loading script as well.

Different way to pass additional data to jQuery.ajax's callback function

Now a days we can not imagine web application with AJAX and jQuery make stuff lot easier to us. We normally need to use ajax call to update web content asyncronously. $.ajax is really simple to use, well I haven't write this post to advertise $.ajax but to explain how we can pass our custom arguments to its callback function.

Tags: jQuery, Ajax